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Get rid of the old things that weigh you down. Find new tools that will bring you closer to your goal. Such is the usual mantra during year end, thus making promotional products such as planners, calendars, portfolios, and journals the gifts of the moment. When we're all drunk with the idea of starting from a clean slate, why not give away gifts that encourage this optimism?

Ideally, shopping for year-end promotional products and corporate gifts should start in September. Planning just before the final quarter of the year should give you enough time to select your gifts and allow you to buy time should your early holiday shopping not give you the results you wanted.

Some of the year-end gifts that won't fail you are promotional calendars, journals, personalized fountain pens, and planners. Not only are these effective ways to stay visible the whole year through, but these gifts are warmly appreciated by recipients because these are practical items that are used every day.

If you have had enough of calendars, journals, portfolios, and planners for your year-end gift giving, promotional fitness products are a good alternative. During the start of the year, some of the more common resolutions are to incorporate an exercise routine in daily schedules. Make this easier for people through giveaways that support this goal. Custom pedometers and jump ropes will remind your recipients of their resolutions and will enable you to get your logo to be more visible. Yoga mats, fitness manuals, timers, and even fitness outfits are effective giveaways that will help you build up your visibility.

Meaningful gifts that build better money-handling habits also make good year-end promotional products. Piggy banks, calculators, notebooks to jot down daily expenses, coin sorters, and bill-paying organizers are also helpful gifts that will encourage people to save for the rainy day. Saving has become very important in these hard times, and your gifts will be especially relevant.

Similarly, productivity-boosting products are another alternative to the usual promotional planners and calendars. Promotional alarm clocks, watches, timers, and stopwatches are meaningful gifts that people will cherish for years.

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